BioCare Sport Textile Wash 500ML


Gentle readily biodegradable wash for water repellent functional fabrics in shells, rain garments and urban outdoor coats/jackets. When using this gentle wash, the initial DWR (durable water repellent) finish will last longer. Also, when washing your garment, the impregnation (DWR) will be reactivated, because also dirt will affect the water droplets to pearl off.
When the fabric has been worn or washed out, we recommend to re-impregnate with OrganoTex® Wash-In or Spray-On Textile Waterproofing.

Why use a special detergent for functional garments?

In “regular” detergents there are strong chemicals that will wash out the initial impregnation faster. A regular detergent also leaves chemical residue in the fabrics that will block the pores and you losing the fabrics functions, especially the breathability.

PFC free DWRs (impregnations) is more sensitive to normal washing detergent than historically when textile water repellency finish was based on the harmful chemical Fluorocarbons (PFCs).

DWR= Durable Water Repellency, a finish on the outer layer that will keep the water drop lets pearl off. It´s necessary for the fabric’s functionality, to keep the outer layer dry so it maintains the air permeability.

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